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 We are delighted to introduce ourselves as.. HIGH VISION TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC, Dubai, UAE, & sister concern of CLADDING TECH. CONT, BAHR AL NAJAH TECH. CONT, THREE LINES LLC, ANWAR AL RAMLAH CONCRETE CARPENTER CONT. which are the most outstanding names in the field of Aluminium, glass, cladding and decorative works. Since the two firms are managed by a single owner, the entire skills and resources are shared to achieve the goals.

HIGH VISION TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC Dubai, UAE is a company with a plan to succeed since 2000. The company has grown from a small contracting firm in Sharjah to become one of the market leaders in Aluminium & Glass glazing field. We have full-fledged offices in Sharjah and Dubai, empowered by a team of highly talented, qualified, and experienced workforce under the perfect control of high potential engineers. Our expertise has made us quality leaders in providing technical and support services to the private and public sectors. With the experience and support of a dedicated, professional workforce, our performance-based services, combined with our expert knowledge, processes, and systems, help customers achieve optimum asset performance. We are specialized in the field of Aluminium, glass, cladding and decorative works for high rise buildings, Factories, warehouses, labor camp, and multiple villas. Particularly….

Stick Systems

Unitize system

Point Glazing

ACP Cladding etc

Vision, Mission, & Corporate Values


To be considered as the quality leader in all markets that we operate in. And to be the preferred choice by our potential clients and employees


Maximizing our long-term benefits by satisfying customers’ needs through value-added design, Execution, and project management services by utilizing our team.

Corporate Values

Safety & Environment

“We work to ensure our own safety and the safety of others. We apply processes and products that have minimal impact on the environment.”

Team Work

“We work together to achieve great outcomes for each other and for all our stakeholders. Every contribution is valued.”

Customer Satisfaction

“We make time to understand our Customers’ needs. We aim to be flexible, responsive and solution focused.”


“We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and accountability for our actions. We invest in a highly skilled workforce to provide expert service and solutions for our customers.”


“We aim to be the best in our market, delivering quality products and services to grow and sustain customer value. We are committed to ongoing improvement and innovation.”

Fairness & Respect

“We compete fairly and rigorously in our market, being open and honest with our customers. We recognize the achievements of our employees and value our differences.”


Short Run Objectives

Developing and implementing the company’s policies & procedures Endorsing cost-effective approach Attracting and retaining talented employees Enhancing our employee’s capabilities through training and continuous learning approach Encouraging a healthy and safe working environment

Long Run Objectives

Endorsing business diversification strategy position for High Vision as the market leader in the Aluminium, glass & cladding field. Enhancing the company’s fixed assets strategy by acquiring lands and building Endorsing customer oriented approach, where we consider our customers’ satisfaction as key for our success

Commitment to Quality

Our Company is committed to performing the highest quality workmanship available. We have earned a reputation for giving attention to a detailed and uncompromising commitment to quality We are committed to ensuring every client’s interaction with our company is a quality experience. This commitment is the essence of our corporate character and is reinforced with every step in our project development process From the initial consultation, to the work-in-progress, right down to the final stages of the finished project, you'll witness our dedication to exceptional service and expert workmanship. The result —an extraordinary space that you'll enjoy working in for years to come. This commitment to quality is a fundamental element that distinguishes Our Company from others in the field.


Legal Name                   : High Vision Technical Services LLC
Type                               : Limited Liability (L.L.C.)
Nationality                     : United Arab Emirates/INDIA
Registered Address       : P.O Box No. 89308 Dubai, UAE
License Activities         : Aluminium & Glass glazing Works
                                         ACP Cladding works (including fabrication & Installation Ornamental metal works Interior Decoration works)



High Vision Technical Services L.L.C is a premier provider of a full range of essential building and engineering services for the commercial, industrial and infrastructure sectors. Aluminum & Glass Fabrication and Installation ACP Cladding Fabrication and Installation Interior Decoration Works Ornamental Metal Works


High Vision Technical Services LLC is dedicated to ensuring that the safety, health, and environmental aspects are taken up to the extreme level. Our management gives more importance to safety, health and environmental protection while recruiting technical and non-technical personals.

In house Training features:

Each and every person of High Vision Technical Services. LLC are compelled to attend in-house safety, firefighting and environmental protection classes including the first aids in case of emergencies. High Vision Technical Services LLC has got well-trained engineering & supervising personals to have a close vision while undertaking risky and hazardous activities. All the tools and equipment are properly calibrated from time to time and maintained properly. Our environmental policy includes
 1. Energy conservation
 2. Safe preservation of hazardous materials
 3. Noise pollution
 4. Waste disposals. Training records of the personals had been maintained properly and Vocational training classes had been conducted with the latest know-how in the field

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